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Start a Fashion Blog

I see a lot of people (boys and girls) of all age group starting a fashion blog now a days! Even if it’s not a fashion blog, there are a lot of “fashion” bloggers. I’ve quoted that because lot of people now upload one OKAY-ish picture and then end up changing their Instagram bio to “model” or “fashion blogger”. Fair enough, you’ve started a so-called fashion blog, but have you considered the factors to become a successful fashion blogger?

What is a Fashion Blog?

There is a lot of confusion about what is a fashion blog! Fashion blogs are not just based on you wearing different outfits and posting pictures! Nope! Fashion blog can vary from posting pictures of clothing & accessories, beauty tips and even fashion tips!

Hence why the fashion industry has grown so big, some of the biggest fashion brands have started blogging! The reason behind these fashion brands blogging is promotions! therefore, the posts they post on a daily basis earns them money in the form of sales!

But remember one thing! Fashion blogs do not need to be a website form! A Fashion Blog could be Instagram posts, Facebook posts and even twitter! Social media is the biggest selling platform now – in my words!

Are You Brave Enough to be a Blogger?

Fashion blogging requires some braveness! I see so many fashion blogs now a days, it’s just getting boring! All of them look the same and sound the same! However, If you want to be a good fashion blogger, you got to think differently! Think smart!

Do You Need Friends?

F*** yeah! Not physical friends. Friends as in social media! When you start fashion blog, ro any blog, your best friends are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! The closer you are with them, the better it is for your blog and for you to get rich!

I will talk in depth about starting a fashion blog in the upcoming posts! Till then check out some of the books in the books section on blogging! or click here to download my recommended book! It’ll definitely help!