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Richard Branson’s Journey

If you don’t know who Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is then read his short biography in the following text. Has anyone ever taken the Virgin train, or Virgin Atlantic flight? Sir Richard Branson is the owner. Well he is the owner of the two companies. But that’s not it! He also owns another 398 companies. In addition, he is a very multi-talented guy. He is also an English tycoon, an investor and a philanthropist.

16 and Smart?

In this modern era, when you are young, you don’t care about becoming rich or an entrepreneur. However, at the age of 16, Sir Richard started his first business venture, a magazine called Student. He then opened a chain of stores called Virgin Records in 1972, which turned into Virgin Megastores. The brand grew so big, he even set up his own airline called Virgin Atlantic. When you own an airline company, you have made it!

virgin atlantic

Branson was knighted for his “services to Entrepreneurship” in 2000 by the Queen. In Forbes List, posted in January 2016, Sir Richard’s net worth was at $5.2 million.

Early Career

Did any of you know that according to DNA, Sir Richard Branson is actually 3.9% South Asian (Indian). This is because his third great grandfather left England for India in 1793. So I’m guessing he got married to an Indian woman. Moreover, a Madras woman (South India).

Madras Map

Even though Branson had a poor academic performance at school, he is one of the well-known faces of Britain. On his last day at school, the head teacher told Branson “you’ll either become a prisoner or a millionaire”. Branson became a Millionaire! Maybe we should meet this headmaster to ask what our future is!

Richard Branson young

The Break Through

The biggest breakthrough for Sir Richard Branson was the Virgin Records Label. Their first song under the label, “Tubular Bells”, was a smash hit! The investor then went on to sign other musical groups, some of strange names, such as Sex Pistols.

Business Advancement

Don’t get fooled by Sir Richard Branson’s net worth. He also went through a hard phase! His recent investments Virgin Cola and Virgin Clothing actually failed. But he went for the smart option and invested in somewhat 500 companies now, where 200 failed. But this is the point, 200 failed! But 300 made him a business topper.

According to a study, it’s been found that 90% of high achievers are in professional careers but none of them have gone to rule! When I mean, I mean rule the world in terms inspiration and become a well-known person.

So this was the flow of the business advancement in Sir Richard Branson’s life.

Virgin Mail Order –> Virgin Records -> Virgin Atlantic

The rest is history.

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