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Rich Dad Poor Dad – Lesson 1

If you look at the millionaires or the billionaires, it’s clear they don’t work for the money. They make the money work for them. One of the most important lessons taught by Robert Kiyosaki in the book.

As you know, I am into reading top finance books on a regular basis. There are lot of top business books as well which can help a person’s struggle with debts, finances and get rich. I personally recommend reading the free finance books. Purely because they talk more about the money rather than a business. Remember, everything needs money! Hence why I started reading books that involved money as the main matter.

The Rich Don’t Work For Money – Robert Kiyosaki

One of the best books I’ve read so far is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki! You can find free downloadable PDF copies here. In the book he splits his ‘research’ into lessons. When I say research, it’s more like lessons from both fathers of his.

Robert and his Business partner Mike (a close friend of Robert Kiyosaki), became business partners at the age of 9. Now when I say business partners, they were amateurs! But it’s the name “Business partners” that sounds cool when you are just 9 years old.

However Robert’s father told them it’s a copy of someone else’s work. The business was “over on the first day”. His father told him to ask Mike’s father about getting rich, because Mike’s father was already rich with restaurants, warehouses, construction and chain of stores.

Start Low?

When Mike and Robert consulted Mike’s dad, he offered a simple proposal. He’ll teach but not classroom style. So Robert was told to do a job for 30p for 3 hours! Robert had enough. He thought he was being used! He got fed up and quit. Robert went to see Mike’s father. However Mike’s father already knew Robert would quit. It was a test for Robert.

Robert went to fight for his rights. He thought Mike’s dad was using him. Mike’s dad told Robert “Life teaches you properly. Life doesn’t talk to you. It pushes you around here and there. Each push is a wake-up call. Some people suffer. Most people quit. Some actually stand and fight!”

The conversation between Mike’s father and Robert carries onto a point where there was a compromise between the two on the wages Robert should get paid. The bid went all the way up to £5. This might seem like a small amount now, but back in the days, it was huge for a 9 year old to be earning more than a normal working person. However Mike’s dad only said £5 to see Robert’s reaction.

Greed and Fear

Mike’s dad explained about people being too greedy! Most people have a price due to fear. So life of a working person, is run by greed and fear. This is why many people are in the rat race. If you want to find more about the rat race, click here!

“If you don’t master the power of money, you can become slave to money”

As you get older, and you start earning more, your desires increase. You basically turn into the donkey. If you picture a donkey riding a cart, the owner uses a carrot in front of the donkey’s nose to keep it going. The owner might be going where he wants to, but donkey is chasing an illusion. Come tomorrow, there’ll only be another carrot for the donkey!

Read the book! I’m telling you all, it teaches you about life and money!