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The Man, The Vision, The Goal By Julian Fernando

Arunachalam Muruganantham, also known as “The Menstruation Man” in India, is a school dropout from a poor family lost his family, his money and his place in society before he was listed as 1 of the 100 most influential people in the world.

The Initiative

It all started with his wife. One day he saw Shanthi was hiding something from him. He was shocked to discover what it was – rags, “nasty cloths” which she used during menstruation. She pointed out that she couldn’t afford to buy pads.

The Struggle

When Muruganantham looked into it further, he discovered that hardly any women in the surrounding villages used sanitary pads – fewer than one in 10.

The Invention

He created cheaper pads for women but no one in his village were ready to test them out, so he created a “uterus” from a football bladder by punching a couple of holes in it, and filling it with goat’s blood.He walked, cycled and ran with the football bladder under his traditional clothes. Everyone thought he was going crazy.

The village called him a perv, his wife left him and his mum left him. But it didn’t stop him from carrying on with his aim.

The Result, The Goal, The “Menstruation Man”

He later succeeded and created his own machines which spread to 1300 villages and he aims to create 10 million jobs for poor women . Arunachalam is expanding to 106 countries across the globe. He is known to many by the term “The Menstruation Man”.

Arunachalam Muruganantham


His story is actually being made into a movie in Bollywood, with the leading actor being Akshay Kumar!

The following video is a short documentary based on The Man, The Vision, The Goal

If anyone wants to hear the words from the man himself on a TEDtalk, click here.

Our Lesson

So what can we learn from The Menstruation Man? Well few things..

  1. If you have an idea or a thought, put it into practise because it’s all a trial and improvement
  2. Forget the struggle, remember the goal
  3. Do not stop. If the idea seems valid, take it further!
  4. Don’t work for the money, Work for the world!

The books on my blog may not precisely represent his life, but the vision inside the books are relevant of some sort. Click here to check some of the books.