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On My Way To A Millionaire

University or School?

Sorry for the heading, but i think it’s vital you start realizing that school or university does NOT teach you about money or how to become a millionaire! To be honest, University is more about you coming out with a whole load of debt! And School, Well I got kicked out of Statistics in GCSE, but I still hold a Engineering Degree. So lets just stop there!

Is University of School Necessary To Become A Millionaire?

One of the biggest factors I learnt from Rich Dad Poor Dad is the power of money! When we are at school, we tend to do business studies, economics or whatever thinking it’s going to make us rich one day! But let’s be real, even University degrees nowadays don’t make you rich! School is just to teach the basics of business or an economy rather. University is more to do with gaining personal skills such as public speaking, communication, networking and so on! As a graduate civil engineer in full time employment, has my Civil Engineering degree helped me? Let’s say 10%! It’s helped me to be organised, communicate better and network better. This is why a lot of graduates struggle when they start employment, because it’s more practical based rather than knowledge based!

Lesson from Rich Dad Poor Dad

The book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is very interesting! Robert Kiyosaki mentions the fact school has never taught us money management or value of money! When you are a kid, the one place that teaches you about money is your parents. But majority of the parents don’t do it the right way! A lot of our parents teach us about saving money, not to spend too much! It’s rare for a parent to say, spend money to get more money! But if you read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, you’ll understand a lot of money! “Money is power”.

My Journey

Some of the people who started laughing or hating when started sharing my first blog post. But just to let you know, I started blogging ages ago but first time publishing it on Facebook. A lot of people are in need of money! So why keep the ideas to myself!

Start From The Bottom

Let me tell you how I started, I started by reading these books about money making! Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, the book that Bill Gates recommends “Business Adventures(Amazon) by John Brooks and many more! Did they teach  me how to make money? NO! They taught me how to use the money, so that the money itself makes money for me! You are probably thinking what a load of rubbish! Right, check the screenshot in the next paragraph about how I earn money from blogging.

Now I Am Here!

For the ones that don’t know me, just a simple guy like the most of you out there. But unlike some of you, my target by 30 is to be rich. Now when I say rich, I don’t mean I want to have millions on my name! Rich in terms of assets I hold and the maybe the capital I hold! Being rich is not about having millions of £££. Look at my screenshot below. Never use your original identity (As a username) when making money online!

How To Become a Millionaire

This is a picture taken from CPA (Cost Per Action) site. It’s an affiliates based portal where you join many companies and earn from the companies! If you want to know more about affiliate market, research on google! But I prefer you download the affiliate marketing books here and READ THEM! Don’t waste your time, you can become a millionaire soon!

So today, without making any posts, I made $68.20. It’s dollars because it’s a USA based network! This is not made from this site, it’s made from my other sites which I run simultaneously with this one! Yes $68.20 might not seem good enough. However, it’s money that I used ages ago, making money for me by itself. Hence why bloody download the books and read it!

I’ll keep regular updates on my journey to becoming a millionaire! Till then Hasta la Vista!